Craig Placid

Placid. Plac-id. Adjective. Meaning: “calm and peaceful, with little movement or activity”. As far as DJ names go this one might describe Craig’s personality, but when it comes to his music, it’s completely contrarian.

Over a career spanning 12 years Craig Placid has created a sound that’s best described as deeply complex, evolving techno, characterised by hypnotic rhythms and driven by multi-dimensional beats. This might have something to do with the fact that at 13 he taught himself to play the drums, and they remain one of his passions even today.

When he DJ’s however he’s all about taking the crowd on a journey. And his favourite part of the whole experience is “being able to create the soundtrack to someone’s night, presenting them with a selection that could essentially change the way they think about dance music”. It’s a lofty ideal, but one that one that he’s entirely able to deliver on.

If you’re looking for proof, look no further than TOYTOY on a Friday night. As one of their resident DJ’s he’s helped the brand establish itself as one of the premier underground dance music nights in South Africa.

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