Grant VR

Over the years thousands of dancers have stood in front of Grant VR completely enthralled by his signature brand of deep, mysterious techno. But not many of them know just who we have to thank for Grant being up there in the first place. From a very young age he knew that he would be involved in music somehow, but it wasn’t until his older brother moved out and left a set of turntables, a mixer and some records at their childhood home that Grant knew just what kind of music.

And now, after 12 years of developing his sound, his music is characterised by driving, powerful basslines and melodic, hypnotic grooves. It’s music that moves him. Music that he feels connected to. And even though it’s constantly evolving as he moves with the times, he stays true to his original sound. A sound that’s unmistakably Grant VR. And it’s this sound that’s made the South African techno scene sit up and take notice.

Aside from being a regular feature on festival and club line-ups across the country, in his role as resident DJ at TOYTOY in Johannesburg, Grant VR has helped the brand conquer the local party scene and set itself up as the benchmark in underground dance music.

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